April 2007 

from%20insideEmail from les bons voisins, February 2007: We have been suffering from very high winds and torrential rain for the last 5 days.  As a consequence, Patrick came round last evening to unfortunately tell us that a fair section of your barn wall has been demolished by the weather - this happened just yesterday afternoon.  We went round there this morning to see exactly what had happened and am attaching photos for you to see.  The hole is about 6 feet by 6 feet but as the wall is a two section wall it’s taken the "outer" skin down further and is in danger of the whole wall coming down.  The only good, if there is such a thing as good, thing is that there is an RSJ running from the attached building right along the wall and is holding the roof and end wall up, otherwise the whole building would have come down, or that end certainly......


I was about ready to give up, maintaining a house in France from the other end of the earth was getting far too difficult.  But with the help of the good neighbours, French (Patrick and Monahel) and les bons voisins, English (Sally and Merv),  m’sieur l’expert from the insurance company and Daniel the stonemason were called in. All was resolved and repaired by the time I arrived in April…….. the barn was now restored to its previous condition, just a rather large bill to pay!


matt%20points%20the%20wallFirst job for Matt when he arrived a few weeks later was to redo the pointing in the barn end wall before it collapsed as well. Before long he became a dab hand with the Cox’s pointing gun.

em%20paints%20the%20plantersMeanwhile Ems and I set about assembling planter boxes for the terrace.


We’d taken time off to visit Jersey, just an hour or so on the ferry from St.Malo, to visit Gerald Durrell’s zoo, the war tunnels and of course stock up on UK goods from Boots and Marks & Spencer…..


I could indulge my passion for lighthouses at La Corbiere, having discovered that that the one I really wanted to see……



La Jument, off the coast of Brittany, was only possible to visit during two short weeks in July.



The lighthouse at St Malo was impressive even in the fog which had descended on The Channel.

Then back to Guémené and speaking French at the pretty charcuterie up the streetcharcuterie2


lagirellealthough English is the usual option a few doors down at La Girelle, our local internet café and popular meeting place for ex-pats from the UK.



The finished wall looked wonderful behind the climbing rose which was bursting into flower…….


as were the daisies and herbs in the planter boxes on the terrace




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