April 2008

The garden was completely overgrown again but the drifts of forget-me-nots growing everywhere made it all seem part of a grand design.



This year I was to see my first Carnaval Pourleth, a biennial event in Guémené when the town is awash with floats and performers:

fantastic drummers and dancers.....

batala.jpg            dancers.jpg


sumos.jpg        cowboysv.jpg            steamboat.jpg

Sumo wrestlers and cowhands take over the street.......                                                                       and a Mississippi steamboat passes the window.

After three times around the town, perhaps it was four, getting rowdier and louder, I escaped to the back laneway where the foxgloves were flowering:



Friends came to stay and on a wet and miserable day we set out for the Pointe du Raz in Finistere, the most easterly landfall in Europe

jan-v.jpg     heath-v.jpg            pte-v.jpg

The sun came out                                                    the wildflowers glowed                                           and way off on the horizon was a dot that was

                                                                                                                                                                        the lighthouse of Ar Men.


Meanwhile in Guémené, Patrick is painting their house next-door, in Monahel’s favourite colours, yellow and mauve, but I have to go home before it will be finished.


Postscript: August

test5.jpg            test.jpg

The beautiful curved glass windows of the shop have been broken, side-swiped by a truck........that side display case that couldn’t be opened?  “Pas de probleme” said Patrick.

So now it is all boarded up and awaiting restoration ......... when?  Who can say?


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