April/May 2014

Just a short visit this year but time enough to see that the two clematis have grown and were flowering beautifully

may2014 023.jpg


But the heavy rain earlier in the year had caused a massive collapse of the garden wall between my place and Monahel and Patrick

may2014 024.jpg



may2014 004.jpg Moving house recently in Queensland, I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that had accumulated over the years.  Here in Guémené it wasn’t much better, so I decided to have a sale of paintings.  It was hugely successful, only have 3 watercolours left, but I am still painting…..

have just started on this.…..image006.jpg a very old, and very big, magnolia tree in a garden further up Rue Mazé.


We are missing the chimes of the clock on the bibliotheque.  It has stopped, but here is a man up the tower, hopefully to fix it.

may2014 020.jpg


image008.jpg            May2014 082.JPG

A day trip across the channel………..                                                      arriving at Portsmouth at dusk……….

May2014 076.JPG and back to Saint Malo the next morning.


Later in the year friends came for a while, and restored the fallen stone wall!



But on the other side of the garden, emails from the nasty neighbor persuaded me to ask Paul the gardener to cut down the bay tree.

image012.jpg              image013.jpg

I look forward to seeing the result, maybe next April!


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