April/May 2015


Flying over the alps, must be getting close to France at last.

flying over alps.JPG


All is well in Guémené, but there is always cleaning up to do after winter shutdown:


creeper inside.JPG It gets rather damp in the shop, IMG_2360.JPGThe terrace always

and this weedy creeper has taken advantage!                                                                                                               needs a good scrub.



monahels house.JPGMonahël’s house across the road is for sale, so the red door of No.1 has been opened.  Inside needs a lot of work, Monahël calls it a ruin!


garden wall.JPGThe bay tree in the garden is has gone. In fact it is better, more light for the roses and a different view of les toits de Guémené.


This year, for maintenance of the dam wall, the water is being drained from Lake Guerlédan, not far from Guémené.  The barrage was built to flood the valley, including part of the canal, its locks, and cottages.  The reappearance of these after being under water for so long is rather eerie, and attracts many sightseers.

lac de Guerledan.JPG              lacde Guerledan.JPG


I spent some time in England, in order to do a workshop in Constable country, at Flatford Mill, with Willy Loft’s cottage across the pond.

Flatford Mill.JPG                       willy loft's cottage.JPG


and drove up the east coast through Westleton in Sussex (home of my forebears) and Norfolk, to York and Wetherby where I met up with Sally to drive back to France.

walls of York.JPGYork city wallsbridge Wetherby.JPGWetherby


back to No.4 where the clematis is looking just perfectclematis guemene.JPG



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