July 2003

Many phonecalls from Australia had at last resulted in a promise from the contractor to dig out the back driveway sometime in July.  This meant an unexpected summer trip for Stefan while I stayed at home to mind the dog.


005_4AOver the winter there had been a great deal of reconstruction going on in the centre of Guémené (seen here from the attic window).


fountain03An excellent new fountain of fine granite now graced the lower part of the place Bisson.


memorial The flags were out on either side of the war memorial, Bastille day was not far off, and red and pink geraniums were flowering profusely in baskets and pots everywhere.


awning%20uphillWith the striped canvas awning extended, the character of the shop suddenly took a turn for the better.


terrace03At the back, the iron railings were being installed on the terrace, just in time before several days of rain set in.

drivewayThe long-awaited machine to cut out the driveway finally arrived…………………


back03and the excess dirt was used to level out the back garden.  Now for some serious planting………….


garden2Luckily Emily had arrived to do just that!


pl%20bisson and to see Guémené’s annual festival Andouille which is held in August.

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