March 2009

I arrived in the evening, hungry and tired, but there was a bottle of côtes du rhône, a can of cassolet in the cupboard, and this view from the terrace...



The next morning, after biscuits and vegemite for breakfast, it was just as lovely.



Best of all, the shop windows were fixed in November and are just as before.  Patrick tells me there is a place in Brittany that is still able to make the curved glass that was needed.

6nov2008 001.JPG      vitrine.jpg


The trees are still winter bare, but violets and daffodils are flowering in the garden

garden2.jpg     daffodils.jpg      


No shortage of water in Brittany:

The Chateau des Rohan at Pontivy, from the towpath of the Nantes á Brest canal

pontivy.jpg       rochesdudiable.jpg

Les Roches du Diable, in the vallée de l’Ellé


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