October 2000

This was our first trip back to France for many years. Having decided that buying a cottage in Brittany was a good idea, we intended to look around and see if it was feasible.


shoeshop2000It was a derelict shop, its tattered awning stating “Chaussures” (shoes)



attic2000”Now we’re not going to consider places like the shoeshop….” I said.

“Welllll……………” he replied carefully.

“But it’s a shop,” I stared at him in amazement, “and a wrecked one at that, right on the street……..”

”Yes, but it has a big walled garden, a new roof and that great attic …….”



frontwindow2000The arched windows in the two front rooms facing the ancient house across the street were difficult to open and very badly weathered.


bathroomIn the room adjacent to the bathroom, the floor was really rotten, small pieces of the original parquetry were littered everywhere.


barnroofFrom the small back window the sad state of the roof of the barns was clear but the view over the overgrown garden to the surrounding hills was encouraging.



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