October 2002

We donít plan to take two trips in one year, but there is a lot of work to be done and at this particulartime there are two more friends who are able to come and help.


gardenviewThe hydrangea we had planted had not survived a summer of neglect but the blackberries and nettles had thrived on it and overtaken the garden again.


frontroom1If we could fit the sofabed into the small Peugot, surely there was enough space for it in the front room.


concreteThe new and very wet concrete meant that for the next couple of days we would have to come and go via a ladder over the back wall.


P1010007At last we could simply step out onto the future terrace instead of having to scramble through the window.


gatesGetting a man with an excavator to make the driveway was proving to be a problem, so we would go ahead and build the gateway before he came with his machine.

boulesOccasionally there was time for a game of boules on the pitch nearby.


shopfrontWith it's windows finally painted, as well as the first floor shutters and the front door in the same terracotta colour, the shop was starting to look lived-in again..


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