September 2012


champagne.jpgA glass of champagne to celebrate a birthday, not that any excuse is necessary really.


clegerac.jpg We finally found the burial chamber at Cléguérec. Have driven past the sign on the way to Pontivy maybe hundreds of times but it is hidden away in a far field. Wild apple trees provided us with some windfall apples to cook up with pork for dinner.

mowing.jpg Finished mowing the grass and tidying up the garden


kittens.jpg     lorient.jpg

Kittens visiting from next-door                                                                                                       WW2 submarine base at Lorient


ny1.jpg and then the three of us went off to New York!


I came back to Guéméné alone and it rained for six days straight.  But one reasonably fine day I drove over to Locronon, a lovely medieval town which was almost deserted at this time of year.

lochronan1.jpg    locronan3.jpg


coast.jpg    pointe.jpg

And on to another great headland on the west coast of Brittany, la pointe de Pen Hir.

back garden.JPG             roses&chair.jpg

A final clear up in the garden                                                                                            the last of the roses




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